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The coupon lingo is rough. How many of you have just tossed the coupon thinking you can only use one of those coupons for your grocery trip?

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Or how many of you tried your luck at using coupons but your cashier told you that you can only use one like-coupon? It was depressing.

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  • The Basics.

I gave up pretty quick. How the heck did those people on Extreme Couponing do it? In December of , I decided to give it another try. After trial and error, utilizing local couponing groups, understanding the coupon lingo, and watching unhealthy amounts of YouTube videos, I was successful.

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I was getting things for free, nearly free, and even making money on some of my purchases. Well, that is to prevent avid couponers from taking masses of coupons at once, especially because of coupon services selling the coupons. After all, if you find coupons on tear pads, who takes one or two, we usually take a dozen at a time!

Sierra Mist Blinkie Machine Coupon = FREE at Kroger!? | Kroger Krazy

And no, I don't condone those couponers who think those tear pads are there to take all the coupons. The blinkie machines go on a timer.

Blinkie glitch take 2

If it is a coupon I know I will use before the expiry date blinkie coupons often have much sooner expiry dates, and some are known to still spit them out after expiring, so double check! I will make a second pass up the aisle after going down.

Learn to Coupon | Where to Find Coupons Part II

Or you can send your kids to get an extra couple. Then before checking out, hit the machines one more time. Don't forget to check the shelves around the blinkie machines - often people take a blinkie and then if they don't use the coupon will stick it on the shelf for someone else to use. While blinkies are designed to be used in the store the blinkies are located in, they can be scanned properly at most grocery stores.


As you coupon, you will come to learn what non-blinkie stores accept blinkies. As always, double check the fine print incase they ever do make them store-specific. And they are often coupons that cannot be doubled. Custom Search. You will start getting a feel for how it all works, and this will calm those newbie nerves.

A Tale of Two Blinkies…

I started at CVS, they are super couponer friendly. And it was the easiest store to learn. The other store that is easy to learn is Target. Home How to Coupon Login Register.

Couponing Basics — How to Coupon There are 2 Basic Rules to couponing — Always use a coupon on an item that is on sale — Wait for an item to go on sale, and pair that coupon with the sale item. Store sales go in cycles, about every 3 months, so you want enough to last your family around 3 months.

Social Couponing

If you buy only 1 item at that rock bottom price, it will not last you 3 months, then you will go back to paying the couponers F word… Full Price. I had 5 of the same coupons, and purchased 5 bottles for LESS than what I would normally pay for just 1.

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