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Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. To answer your question, food is just expensive here. In Vancouver, most supermarkets are paradoxically not cheaper than many little stores.

I can't speak much for Hastings Sunrise , but nearby Chinatown has lots of cheap produce stores. Downtown, I go to little stores rather than Safeway. Sometimes there's oddities you just have to figure out: for some reason, my butcher sells milk for really cheap.

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Not kosher literally but good to know. If you have a car, you can consider driving to the Real Canadian Superstore. Also, all large stores have online fliers. Ooh, didn't know that was just marketing.

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Thanks for the tip. Hastings Sunrise it is!

I buy most of my meat from the butcher at 1st and renfrew Columbia Meat Market although prefer buying from Cioffi's in Burnaby better quality. If you want cheap though buy from Rio Friendly meats on Hastings I just don't think their quality is as good as the others, but still buy there on occassion. When buying from Donalds beware of their "deals" they can be great prices, but they are normally on things that are very near to expiring. Which is fine if you want to save, just be aware, I've been shocked a few times.

I also work in Abbotsford so buy my eggs, fruit, etc there and bring it back on my way home. Try the Triple A market, a family-run grocer on the east side of Commercial just a few doors north of E 1st. It seems a bit run down but they have a great selection of produce, nuts, organics, noodles, frozen seafood.. It's a great place to check out. But I do the bulk of my shopping at Costco and Superstore. Costco is great for a lot of things. You'll need a car, though, obviously.

I'm a nutcase who knows the prices of everything in every grocery store. I use coupon sites like brandsaver. I comb through flyers weekly to see what's on sale where and I use my coupons in combo with sale prices. I also got myself a Costco membership. It is also the cheapest place I have found to buy cheese in Vancouver. If you have a car it's also worth the drive to Bellingham, WA to Trader Joe's as they have insanely cheap groceries as well.

If you don't care about organic stuff Target also has a decent grocery selection for next to nothing and they are in the Bellsfair Mall in Bellingham.

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Just eat all your meals at Master Chef. It's almost cheaper than buying food when you factor in the time spent to make it. Barring that, No Frills is awesome for non-produce staples and they accept coupons. Sign up for coupon sites like Go Coupons and Websaver and shit where they send you coupons in the mail. Check for shelf-talker thingy coupons at Safeway don't bother buying anything, or just buy a delicious donut from their bakery for half price after 7 pm.

Stick to your needs and resist the urge to buy stuff just cause you have a coupon for it this is important. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. So how do Vancouverites on a budget save when grocery shopping? Edit: corrected spelling.

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  4. Continue this thread. Also, why buy yogurt?

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