Deals direct baby gate

This child gate also from deals direct Link is definetly wide enough.

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Not sure about the material it is made out of though for dogs as i am sure some dogs would scatch at it. I have several baby gates for my normal size doors, but my entry to the lounge area is too wide. I only need a temporary set up so instead of buying a wider baby gate I have used the panels from a puppy pen. I put several panels together and then use furniture on either side to secure it in place.

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  6. So on one side the fence is behind a canbinet and the other side I have use an otterman. It has worked for me. The deals direct one is only 50cm high, I'd think most large breed pups would jump that with ease.. I've been looking around for one about cm wide. Both options work out rather expensive though and perhaps not too sturdy either.

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    There are plenty of puppy pens available in all different sizes and they are easily joined together to make whatever size you need. Also the Bunnings compost bin panels are a cheaper alternative depending on if your puppy is a climber or not. Thanks everyone for your replies. Went to Bunnings and grabbed 2 lots of the compost bin panels.

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    I will have a go putting something. We still need to get something in between the panels that shuts it together and pups can't get over but mum can jump in and out. I have 3 Bunnings compost cages! I've used them in all sorts of configurations to block off different areas in the house and even the yard. They're good for small breed puppies too because the gaps are small, they can sometimes fit though the bars in baby gates.

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    I have an idea for you - which is what I did with a puppy pen. I cut one panel so it was high enough to keep puppies in but low enough for mum to jump out.

    I bought a couple of puppy pens from Sams Warehouse, they are tall and worked wondefully.. They have now been recycled into a vege garden barrier to stopping a certain young dog from digging up my plants! I have cut a section out of one of the panels for Fern to jump in and out and have also used the front off the whelping box with the panels attached to it.

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    I have used them to block doorways, make a surround for the whelping box to create a den and to hold the heat lamp and to keep the little treasures in. Have also cut one panel to make a trolley divider and water bowl holders secured to the trolley with collars and cable ties.

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    Deals direct baby gate
    Deals direct baby gate
    Deals direct baby gate
    Deals direct baby gate
    Deals direct baby gate

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